Selling Your Smart Home

Planing on selling your smart home with all of your smart devices? This presents a whole new set of concerns for buyers. Their first thought on seeing your Ring doorbell or security camera may be, “oh, cool!”. But if their agent hasn’t warned them prior to this, it is a great time to address electronic eavesdropping.

I try to inform my buyers that more likely than not, we are somehow being recorded. I remind them not to talk about anything other than comments about the house itself and not to discuss price or motivation until we return to the car or office.

If you have smart home devices in your home that you would like to take with you – such as smart doorbells, Nest thermostats, or Hue lights – remove them prior to your first showing. When a buyer sees them in your home, they may expect that they stay with the house. If you are planning on leaving any smart home devices for your buyer, it’s always a good idea to leave any manuals or setup and operation instructions for them. Also, be sure to reset the device back to factory settings before closing so none of your personal information is left for them to see.

When in doubt, ask your trusted Realtor prior to listing your home. We frequently note items that are not included in the sale on our Realtor’s notes to the other agents but it is just easier if the buyer doesn’t see the items in the first place.