Can I ask a seller to pay some of my closing costs?

Yes, depending on the price of the property and whether it is priced accurately but you will probably need to pay close to the asking price. Most sellers will not look seriously at both a low offer and pay a buyer’s closing costs.

How can I tell if a home is overpriced?

If you have looked at other houses online, you can get a fairly good idea. I can also do a market on the home by pulling up houses like it that have recently sold. This will give us the best background for formulating our offer.

Should I have an inspection done after I find a home?

Absolutely! It is a part of the contract we fill out when writing up your offer. An inspection should tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about the house, but it is not a guarantee that your home is perfect.

How soon can I close on a house?

It depends on your offer. The date has to work for both buyers and sellers. If the sellers are ready to go or the house is vacant, you could close in as few as two weeks with a cash offer. Contracts with mortgages will likely take anywhere between thirty and sixty days.

We are thinking of selling our house soon. What should we be doing now?

The first thing on your list should be to choose an agent. Each agent you talk to may have different ideas and/or experience. Be sure to hire one that you trust. They should give you lots of advice for prepping your home for a sale.

We did the home repairs our agent suggested. What’s next?

Contact your agent to do a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) for you. This will tell you the likely price range for your home. It should include similar homes on the market, pending homes and sales over the last six months. The CMA should also include photos so you can compare your home and also get staging tips.

We’ve had a lot of showings but no offers, why?

What’s your agent telling you? They usually get feedback after showings that give them an idea what the showing agent and their buyers thought. Does most of the feedback indicate that your home may be overpriced? Or not clean enough? Your agent should be keeping you in the loop and making recommendations. Your agent wants you to sell your house.