Smoking in the house

A home that has been smoked in becomes the smoke. It permeates the fibers of the carpets and the pad and it soaks into the sheetrock. Smoker’s homes usually sell for much less money because most require stripping down and starting over (expensive) or selling to another smoker. Even just smoking in the garage is frowned upon, the smell will still waft into the house. Go outside to smoke. Better yet – quit smoking. It’s not healthy. Lecture over.


Burning candles

Homes that burn candles excessively take on soot, especially on the walls and ceilings. Some homes I have been in are so soot-covered that the joists take on the soot too and you can see their exact placement in the ceiling. Some buyers may ask if the homes have had a fire if they see this. Besides, burning candles can be dangerous. They make great battery-operated candles now, if you like the look. And I know, there are low-soot candles out there – this is likely your biggest investment. Why chance it?


Waxing or “Pledging” your laminate or hardwood floors

It makes your floors extremely slippery. Buyers don’t know that you have done it and your agent has asked those buyers to remove their shoes. You don’t want someone trying to sue you because they fell and broke a hip on your newly-waxed floor.


Use too much fragrance

Buyers will wonder what odors you are covering up. A hint of fragrance is nice. A lot is a big red flag. Think of it like perfume: a hint of it is great, a lot is obnoxious.


Demand too much showing notice

Buyers are coming in droves right now. In fact, for the first time in years, multiple agents are booking appointments for the same showing times so there could be three agents and three sets of buyers all looking at the house at once. A long required-notice will take all that feeling of urgency out of the transaction. Don’t do more than a two hour required-notice unless absolutely necessary.


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Don’t Do This When Selling Your Home